Inspiring people to want to care
Inspiring people to want to care
At Care Hive, our purpose is to fundamentally shift attitudes about the value of a career in care and transform the hiring process to put behaviours, attitudes and values, before resumes and skills.
Care Hive CEO
At Care Hive we believe that the Care Workforce matters

Because how we care for people with disability and the ageing is a reflection of who we are as individuals, as service providers, as local communities and as a society.

We believe that caring is a privilege. We also believe that people should be able to live the life they want and their lives should be enhanced and enriched by the care they receive.

So, it is vitally important that we have an engaged, proactive and inspiring workforce of carers who are well suited to the sector, skilled and enabled to provide proper care. A workforce comprised of a diverse range of people who champion the ethos of ‘a life well lived’ and who believe that having a disability or being old doesn’t mean being less.


The Care Hive Program

We think differently to help you build a better care workforce

Care Hive will help you to only spend your time with candidates who are the ‘right fit’ for care roles, because too much time is wasted meeting people who look good on paper while some of the hidden gems get overlooked.
Diverse Candidate Pool
We attract a diverse pool of candidates in terms of age, gender, ability, life experience, cultural background, prior work experience and existing skills. The hidden gems could include people who are new to the sector, parents returning to the workforce, people making a conscious career change, the young and the more mature, people with disability, multi-lingual people, and people who have recently completed skills training relevant to the sector.
Behaviours, Attitudes and Values
We focus our screening on behaviours, values and attitudes to determine if the candidate is a suitable fit for a care role (benchmarked against the profile of a high performer). Only candidates with a high ‘job fit’ score are invited to take part in the Preparation Program.

Intensive Group Program
An intensive 3-day group program informs and educates candidates on the sector, workplace expectations and the specifics of the employer and the role. It also provides the opportunity to observe and assess behaviours and attitudes in action.

Individual Sessions
Individual coaching sessions focus on confirmation of skills, strengths, personal circumstances and motivations, coordination of any necessary pre-employment training, and preparation for the employer’s application process and interview.

High Potential, Low Risk Candidates
Care Hive will recommend high potential, low risk candidates to slot into your normal interview process, shifting your focus from deciding who to interview to deciding who performs well at interview.


High potential, low risk candidates screened and prepared to your requirements
No upfront commitment required to employ a Care Hive candidate
Care Hive screening and preparation program is delivered at No Cost to employers
Group preparation program can be tailored to your requirements
Saves time and effort in your recruitment process
Candidate assessment reports and insights provided to you prior to interview
A more complete picture of candidate soft skills
Access to wage subsidies
Targeted interview questions and onboarding report provided
Introduce a change of culture with engaged and inspiring carers