Why we started Care Hive?

Hi again everyone,

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you the reasons behind why I started Care Hive and the experiences that led us to where we are today.

A couple of years ago, both my parents became unwell and needed the support of in-home care services to enable them to remain living safely in their own home.  Like many people of their generation, they were undemanding, not the types to complain and simply grateful for the assistance.  

As I assisted them to navigate the aged care system and arrange services, what I saw and experienced with them were a small number of amazing compassionate support workers whose visits brought joy and happiness to my parents day and who always treated them with dignity and respect.  But I also saw a passing parade of support workers who were task focussed, lacking any warmth and either brusque, indifferent, or impatient – and who my parents would have preferred not to have return.  

Typically we were also forced to conform to the service provider’s schedule for what time personal care services would be delivered each day, with little regard for my parent’s preference or schedule of treatment/medical appointments.   To me that was not good enough. My parents deserved greater choice, they wanted a known routine, and they wanted the support workers they liked and trusted.

Knowing that my family’s experience was not unique led me to start Care Hive and create a secure online marketplace that allows people who are looking for support to live their best life (at home and in their community), to easily search for and book quality service providers.  

At the very heart of the Care Hive marketplace is the desire to give consumers much greater visibility and direct access to the available service providers in their area, more choice and control over who, where, when and how the services they want are delivered, and the ability to book on-line and make secure payments. 

An essential part of the Care Hive marketplace are our service provider partners, among them, a mix of small, medium and large service providers, including many of Australia’s most reputable aged care, disability support and in-home service providers.  Their commitment to delivering reliable, quality support services and putting the needs and goals of the consumer first is what sets them apart.

Care Hive is also committed to growing the number of quality support workers in Australia through our Workforce Development Program.  I believe that the quality of the care and support workforce really matters and that it starts with people who have empathy, compassion, integrity and commitment.

So, that’s why we created Care Hive and we’re looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

Therese Mulherin