Top 5 ways to impress new customers

As a provider of care or support services, first impressions with new customers really do matter!  So, I have put together my list of the Top 5 ways that you can make a great and lasting first impression with new customers.

The overarching theme of this Top 5 list is to deliver a positive experience for your customer – where they can say that they were treated with dignity and respect, listened to and heard, that their choices and preferences were met, and they were supported to live and enjoy their life their way.  

A great customer experience is a combination of both what you do and how you go about doing it.  So, whether you are providing personal care, meal preparation, home maintenance or transport services, this Top 5 list is for you!

  1. Be punctual, warm and personable 
    Arrive on time, greet your customer with a smile, introduce yourself and say hello to any friends or family that might be present.
  2. Listen and start to build a relationship 
    In your first visit in particular, take the time to have a chat and really listen.  Start to get to know your customer and confirm their needs, preferences and expectations of you and the service you are going to provide.  Show that you are interested in them as an individual and in understanding the things that matter most to them. 
  3. Give your undivided attention
    Make your customer the absolute focus of your attention for the duration of your service delivery/visit with them.  Taking mobile phone calls or checking messages is not respecting the customer. 
  4. Ask for feedback (and see it as a gift)
    At the end of the service, ask what they might like you to do differently next time to improve the experience for them.  Reassure the customer that you genuinely want the feedback so that you can provide the best level of support/service to them, just the way they like it.
  5. VIP treatment 
    Everyone likes to feel special, so treat every customer like they are one of your ‘VIP Customers’.  Tell them how much you appreciate that they have chosen you to provide their care/support/services. Respond to their in-app messages on the same day, and where you can, find small ways to go above and beyond for them. 

A thriving Care Hive marketplace relies on great experiences, for both the service provider and the customer. For service providers, the best way of getting repeat business is of course to deliver quality service and to put the customer first. This will reflect in your ratings and how you rank on Care Hive when customers search within your local area.

I encourage you to try some of these tips and make a lasting positive impression on your customers (both new and existing). Your business will be the better for it!

Therese Mulherin