Earn more with Care Hive!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

This week I wanted to talk specifically to providers of personal care and support services who want to earn more income for the work they’re doing. Should be everyone, right?

At Care Hive, we believe (and know that many of you do as well) that caring for and supporting vulnerable people in our community is a privilege, not just a job. We also know that care and support workers are awesome people, but that hourly rates for services in the sector don’t always reflect the value of the great work you do. 

So, Care Hive wants to do our bit to ensure that service providers on our platform retain the maximum amount of their hard-earned revenue.  That’s why we have a super low platform fee of just 4%. So, what does that mean for you?

First, joining Care Hive and listing your services is absolutely FREE whether you are a provider organisation with hundreds of employees or a sole trader.  Care Hive will promote your services directly to potential customers in your service delivery area to get new bookings for your business.  That’s Care Hive doing your marketing for you and assisting you to grow your business. 

We only get paid after you have delivered a service and been paid by the customer.  At the completion of a booking, the customer’s credit card will be charged the agreed price for the service.  You will receive 96% of that amount, and 4% will go to Care Hive. It’s that simple.

But that’s not all.  Care Hive also helps cut your administration effort with secure prompt payments and automatic invoice generation.  You shouldn’t have to fill out timesheets and chase payments from customers.  We’ll handle that for you, leaving you to focus on providing great quality service to your customers! 

If you’re a service provider with existing clients that you’d like to bring across to Care Hive, we’d love to welcome them! Joining Care Hive is free for both service providers and customers.  Call us on 1300 312 510 or email info@carehive.net.au if you’d like to attract more customers and start earning more revenue today!

All the best.

Therese Mulherin