Care Hive for Support Coordinators

Hi everyone.

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great break with your friends and family and that 2021 has started off well.

I wanted to hit the ground running this year and share some insights into how Care Hive is benefiting Support Coordinators. 

Care Hive’s national marketplace of service providers is growing and comprises a mix of both organisations and sole operators, NDIS registered and non-registered, as well as smaller local businesses and larger national brands. All providers on Care Hive have provided appropriate insurance and credentials for the services they are offering. 

This provides Support Coordinators with a great resource to quickly search for, connect with, and book service providers for their clients.  

Care Hive was designed with Support Coordinators in mind:

  1. Support Coordinator goes to the Care Hive website carehive.net.au and signs up to create an account 
  2. They can then “Link other users” (their clients) to their account and can create an individual profile for them on the platform
  3. The Support Coordinator can then make bookings on behalf of any “linked user”, and each linked user can also make bookings themselves if they want to.  The Support Coordinator as the main account holder will be able to see all of the bookings that have been requested, confirmed and completed.

Making a booking does require a credit card to be attached to your Care Hive account. The Support Coordinator could have a card from their organisation attached to their account and their client might choose to also have their personal card attached to their linked user account if they want to make bookings themselves. Whatever arrangement you have – it can be managed via the Care Hive platform.

Once a booking is completed by the service provider, payment is automatically debited from the nominated credit card, payment is securely made to the provider, and Care Hive automatically sends you a tax invoice, meaning all of your admin is kept in one safe place.


So if you’re a support coordinator and you want to experience the flexibility, choice of providers and ease of making bookings for your clients, I’d recommend you sign up to Care Hive and streamline your workflow!

To recap, here’s some of the reasons why using Care Hive is benefitting Support Coordinators:

  • It is FREE to use the platform and book services
  • You can choose from both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers, giving you and your clients greater choice and control.
  • You pay the provider via Care Hive’s secure third party payment gateway.
  • Service providers are only paid at the completion of each booking.
  • Care Hive automatically sends tax invoices to your email immediately after the booking is complete.

Better yet, Care Hive allows you to manage all your bookings via the Care Hive mobile app or Care Hive web portal – it’s effective and easy to use.

If you’re a Support Coordinator, we’d love to hear from you – you can sign up via the Care Hive website or you can call us on 1300 312 510 or contact the team via email, info@carehive.net.au.

All the best for 2021!

Therese Mulherin