About Us
Find someone who will enrich and enhance your life
At Care Hive we believe that the care and support you receive should enrich and enhance your life. And we understand that the quality of the relationship with your carer or support worker is really important

On Care Hive you can find someone who is the right ‘fit’ for you and your unique situation
Someone who is available on the day and time you want
Someone who speaks your language
Someone who loves your football team as much as you do
Someone who shares your passion for music
Someone your own age
Someone who gets your sense of humour
Someone who brings a little bit of joy into your life each time they visit
Find your someone on Care Hive today!
Your Life. Your Choice. Your Way.
With Care Hive you are in complete control - whatever you need, when and where it suits you.
Care Hive is for everyone – kids and adults of all abilities.
Less searching, more finding.
We want you to do less searching, and more finding.
We are on a mission to give you full visibility of all the care and support workers in your area and a safe and easy way to connect with them.

When you search on Care Hive you will find people who work for established organisations (small and large), as well as people who work for themselves.

You make the choice!